Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surprise Carnival

On Saturday I meant to take a quick walk to grab a candy bar and I heard some interesting commotion coming from the Old Town Square. I didn't really have a ton of stuff to do so I walked over to check it out. It turns out there was a carnival going on.

Granted it wasn't really a surprise. I saw the stage being set up earlier in the week and one of the time I walked past it there was a guy performing something. I figured the stage was set up for him and he would most likely perform a few times a day for the week. Well, I was wrong.

There were giant puppets and performers and people on stilts with costumes to make it appear as if they were riding giant birds. It was pretty cool.

I took a few photos of the giant puppets and then watched the performance by the stage. It was all in Czech so I only understood like three words. It was fine though everyone was having a good time.

There were two other giant puppets, but my favorite photos were of this one. I really didn't like what I had of the other two.
While the performers on stilts were in front of the stage doing their thing some of the other performers had a little parade around the square with a small band. Some people followed them and others watched the show at the stage. There were a few performers cracking whips every few feet and this greatly upset the horses hitched to carriages waiting for customers along the square. One of the drivers had to get out and calm down his team as the whip-cracking parade drew closer.
This is one member of the parade walking past a huge window I had no idea existed. I'm sure I've walked by it quite a few times. The refection of the building across the square in the window was awesome.
Once the parade returned it was time for the performers to get back to work. They made the audience get a little closer and then routinely pushed the show out in to the crowd. It was a lot of fun for everyone, especially the children.
I'm not sure where this girl got her mask, but there were a few other people wearing them as well.
The giant puppets wandered around the square while the performances were going on. Each one had two people controlling the hands with sticks. People were posing for photos with them and the people working the hands seemed to be having a good time patting people on the head and such.
Once the people on stilts costumed up to look like they were riding birds were finished with their performance they walked around the square a bit and then took a rest. That is where I nabbed my favorite frame from the whole thing.


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