Sunday, October 21, 2012

Change is in the wind

It has been some time since I wrote a post here. This post is a notice that things are about to change here.
When I first named this blog there were many factors I considered. Here is why I chose what I did:
20 MM makes reference to the time I spent covering the U.S. Army for the local paper in Killeen, Tx and all the great friends who sacrificed so much just to serve. They know that sometimes "Twenty Mike Mike" can solve even the most difficult problems. It's also because I was trying very hard to become an embedded journalist and the military reference was fun.
20 MM makes reference to my favorite camera lens -- a 20MM f2.8 fixed-focal length lens. I love how it makes the edges distort because it is so wide. I love how you really have to think when you use it so you don't accidentally include something in the frame you don't want, thank you Mark Holm and "watch your edges." I like how the one I have produces "gritty" images which don't look like plastic digital perfection. I love how it forces you to get close to your subjects and connect a bit, sorry Mark it's hard to not be at least a little "camera aware" when someone is shooting you with a 20mm but that is the challenge after all. I love how it flares if you even consider including a light source in the frame. It's a challenging lens to you and the rewards are worth it.
20 MM makes reference to how I always seemed to be so close to achieving something in my life, but never could quite put my finger on what exactly that something was or what I needed to to to get there.
Nearly two years ago my life exploded, like I took a twenty mike mike to the face. I stood up for what I thought was right and found out employers have more power than you would think. I also found out that "right to work" works really well for employers. It's a misnomer to be sure. They need to change the name to "right to fire" and it would be more accurate.
Then things got worse. I won't get into specifics here, but a few months after that my marriage ended -- fundamentally.
So, I did what most reasonable people would do under the circumstances and went to ground and started licking my wounds. Then I started to make a plan. Once again specifics are not important and in a few weeks you will all know what that plan is.
Please, stay tuned or subscribe or whatever because if I do this right this blog will become something people actually want to read. That is the goal. Plus it will save me a lot of time sending the same email to everyone about what I'm doing.

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