Saturday, December 4, 2010

12-01 a photo story

Every year at the Daily Ambush the marketing department gets its ginie all tickly in October. That is because  October is breast cancer awareness month and a great way for an unethical media outlet to exploit a serious disease while still looking like a good corporate citizen. The Daily Ambush used to call it Pinktober, but because no one in marketing is smart enough to run a simple Google search and discover that Melissa Etheridge and her charity own the copyright on Pinktober a lawyer asked them to change it. Now it's We Think Pink, in XXX (where XXX is the name of the city the Daily Ambush serves). I get the impression that once the lawyers for the We Think Pink charity discover this they will also ask the marketing departement to make a change.
So every October we do a story a day about some poor woman who had breast cancer and many other breast cancer-related things. We even print the 10-01 paper on pink paper.
It seems that once October is over cancer disappears. I for one think that is bullshit and I get pretty offended about how everyone only pays attention to breast cancer. There are many other types of cancer out there which are just as deadly and have fewer surgical options. My mother was killed by such a cancer. So every year I celebrate Movember.
Movember is the month of November and men are asked to grow a mustache to raise awareness for prostrate cancer. Did you know that men can get breast cancer? Women can't get prostate cancer.
So, I grew a mustache and was impressed by how well I did in just 30 days, I started clean shaven on 11-1. The furry lip got a little old, and makes me look old, so I shaved it off on 12-01. Since I'm a photographer and hadn't cracked a frame in a day or so I felt antsy and made it a photo story with my hipstimatic app.
So here I present 12-01 A Photo Story, partially inspired by Martin Scorsese only less bloody.

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